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Anna Gerish

Chief Business Development Officer


Popovicha, 2B,

Grodno, Belarus, 230024

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Valukoja 8/1, 11415

Tallinn, Estonia

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BY +375 15 260 7687

DE +49 71 121 8431 82

US +1 617 933 1740

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15.08.2019 / 16:02

PWA Design Considerations: UI and UX best practices

UI & UX design of Progressive Web Applications should match the specific set of its features. What should the PWA design checklist include?

08.08.2019 / 17:07

Software project development with Agile frameworks: from Scrum to Kanban

Agile pillars of work are echoed by many development teams that have led to the rapid enhancement of Agile frameworks like Scrum, Lean, Kanban and others.

01.08.2019 / 16:58

Retail must-have: how Point of Sale can improve your sales

Point of Sale systems unite sales, inventory and customer management. What benefits make PoS system a must-have for offline retail?

25.07.2019 / 15:45

What to do if MVP failed: step-by-step guide

MVP is designed to test software ideas in action. If it covers user needs, it can develop into a fully-featured platform. What things do you need to consider if your MVP failed?

18.07.2019 / 16:22

Secret life of our QA team: hobbies, interests and their path to IT

We continue to tell about our specialists and today we introduce you members of the female half of Exposit QA team.

11.07.2019 / 15:20

AI as a medical service: what Healthcare functions can be made with Machine Learning?

Medical care providers question whether to use AI within Healthcare. There are several areas where AI can make healthcare processes better.

04.07.2019 / 17:45

PWA vs Native apps: review of key factors and differences

There is no winner among Native apps, Hybrid apps and Progressive Web Apps as there are right cases for all. What factors and differencies you need to consider?

27.06.2019 / 18:10

The secret life of our Mobile Developers

We have caught three of Exposit mobile developers and asked them to tell about their path to mobile development.

20.06.2019 / 17:37

Digital marketing strategy: 6 reasons why AI is a best friend of a marketing manager

Usage of AI technologies opens new perspectives for marketers. It allows to understand your target audience better than ever and build smarter campaigns.

11.06.2019 / 14:37

Building a powerful MVP: why prototyping is a key to successful MVP release

The main purpose of any prototype is to maximize the output. What benefits can bring prototyping to your MVP development?

04.06.2019 / 17:29

MVP development: what is MVP, why do you need it and how to build it

MVP allows you to market the concept without spending a lot of money and time. Why does your project need MVP first? How to build it?

29.05.2019 / 16:19

3 impressive Exposit projects built for Sports & Healthcare industry

Since 2012 we have completed a number of Sports & Healthcare projects considering specifics of the industry. Now we are ready to share projects we are proud of.

21.05.2019 / 15:24

Atlassian collaboration software: how have we improved Jira and Confluence for our corporate needs

Atlassian tools help us to deal with internal management tasks. We have implemented specific features to make the most of Jira and Confluence.

14.05.2019 / 16:37

Quality Assurance: key factors affecting software testing strategies

Software testing has become a dynamic context-dependent field. What are considerable factors affecting software testing?

02.05.2019 / 15:44

Key sets of BA: analysis and communication techniques

Business Analyst’s knowledge can keep afloat even entangled problematic project. What skills make BA a software project’s superhero?

30.04.2019 / 16:54

Things to consider while planning a complex Web development project

There are several important things that project stakeholders should consider while planning a complex Web project to avoid possible problems.