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21.03.2019 / 18:01

Types of software testing handled by Exposit

Software testing is a fundamental part defining product quality. Our QA Engineers conduct manual and automation testing.Read More »

19.03.2019 / 17:48

M-Commerce and E-Commerce trends improving customer experience in 2019

Trendy features bring customer experience in M-Commerce and E-Commerce to a new level. What trends should your business follow to be on the rise?Read More »

15.03.2019 / 17:02

Key Stakeholders in Agile Product Development

The key to effective work in Agile is an interaction between all people who affect or are affected by the project. Who are the main Stakeholders?Read More »

12.03.2019 / 18:12

Features bringing video conferencing, online meetings and broadcasts to a brand new level

Globalization makes video conferencing a staple in the modern business world. What features may improve your online meetings experience?Read More »

07.03.2019 / 17:21

What traps do outsourcers create and who can you trust?

Outsourcing has its own pros and cons. How to understand that outsourcer is trying to deceive you?Read More »

05.03.2019 / 19:41

What improvements does your Atlassian need?

What features can be implemented in your Atlassian to simplify corporate projects’ management?Read More »

26.02.2019 / 19:08

Exposit is among the Clutch Top App Development Companies!

We have completed over 150 projects. According to our clients' reviews on Clutch, we average 4.6-stars out of 5-stars rating.Read More »

20.02.2019 / 17:48

Common reasons for slow media streaming and how to fix it

What are the common causes for slow media streaming and what functionality should be implemented to fix it?Read More »

15.02.2019 / 17:53

Which programming language to choose for software product development?

There is a flood of programming languages to use in software development. Which one can make your product outstanding?Read More »

14.02.2019 / 18:30

Summing up 2018

Every year we summarize the previous year’s results to see what we have achieved and understand what we aim for. What has 2018 brought for Exposit?Read More »

07.02.2019 / 17:39

Flexible and customizable: Atlassian products for the development process management

Atlassian products made a breakthrough by integrating all the necessary collaborating tools. How to structure development team's work with Atlassian products?Read More »

05.02.2019 / 18:01

What is Quality Assurance and why is it connected with software engineering?

Value of user experience makes Quality Assurance one of the most important stages in software development process.Read More »

01.02.2019 / 14:46

What Machine Learning features can be implemented in your software?

Machine Learning is making a great change in business today. What ML features can already be implemented in your software?Read More »

29.01.2019 / 18:31

Destination Belarus: the Silicon Valley of CIS or the perfect outsourcing partner

Belarus can be considered the Silicon Valley of CIS. There are 1000+ IT-companies in Belarus. What makes Belarus one of the TOP IT outsourcing countries?Read More »

24.01.2019 / 18:49

Where media streaming software is used and how can we improve it?

Media streaming became one of the greatest business opportunities over the last few years. Where media streaming software is used?Read More »

22.01.2019 / 18:09

Why do you need continuous integration and deployment during a software project?

Continuous integration and deployment efficiently transform any software development process. Why do you need CI/CD in the software project?Read More »