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Belarus +375 15 260 7687

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USA +1 617 933 1740

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21.05.2019 / 15:24

Atlassian collaboration software: how have we improved Jira and Confluence for our corporate needs

Atlassian tools help us to deal with internal management tasks. We have implemented specific features to make the most of Jira and Confluence.

14.05.2019 / 16:37

Quality Assurance: key factors affecting software testing strategies

Software testing has become a dynamic context-dependent field. What are considerable factors affecting software testing?

02.05.2019 / 15:44

Key sets of BA: analysis and communication techniques

Business Analyst’s knowledge can keep afloat even entangled problematic project. What skills make BA a software project’s superhero?

30.04.2019 / 16:54

Things to consider while planning a complex Web development project

There are several important things that project stakeholders should consider while planning a complex Web project to avoid possible problems.

25.04.2019 / 16:59

Trends transforming IT outsourcing: what changes should we expect?

Around 63% of global CTOs outsource or offshore IT services. How outsourcing will develop in the nearest future and what may affect it?

23.04.2019 / 17:55

Live audio streaming: simple and convenient way of audio delivery

Audio media went an evolutionary path from vinyl and CDs to live audio streaming. What is audio streaming, how and where does it work?

18.04.2019 / 15:59

Comparing cooperation models offered by Exposit

Exposit offers two models of cooperation to achieve the most successful results.

16.04.2019 / 16:31

What drives IT company: marketing, sales or engineering?

Everyday IT company's departments work hard to bring new connections and projects, achieve strategic goals. What drives IT company most?

11.04.2019 / 17:00

Work with data using AI: media processing, Big Data analytics and personalization

What is important today is not the information, but its proper use and analytics. How AI can make work with data easy and effective?

09.04.2019 / 18:38

When do you need migration of mobile applications to other platforms?

Mobile development allows you to choose around Android, iOS or Hybrid apps. But there are cases when the platform should be changed or supplemented.

04.04.2019 / 19:33

Introduction to web UI/UX approaches: visual communication and usability

The simplest web application can become outstanding with quality UX and UI design. What approaches can improve accessibility of your web project?

02.04.2019 / 19:08

Introduction to PWA: evolutionary combination of web and native mobile apps functionality

Progressive Web Application is a combination of web technologies and app-like environments. What is PWA main features' checklist?

28.03.2019 / 19:14

When do you need to involve BA in your software project?

During software development process a number of complex situations may occur. When do you need a help of BA in your software project?

26.03.2019 / 18:59

Matchmaking via Artificial Intelligence: areas to implement recommendations' mechanism

Matchmaking functionality relies on Deep Learning algorithms. Which areas is AI optimal matchmaking useful for?

21.03.2019 / 18:01

Types of software testing handled by Exposit

Software testing is a fundamental part defining product quality. Our QA Engineers conduct manual and automation testing.

19.03.2019 / 17:48

M-Commerce and E-Commerce trends improving customer experience in 2019

Trendy features bring customer experience in M-Commerce and E-Commerce to a new level. What trends should your business follow to be on the rise?