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Anna Gerish

Chief Business Development Officer


Popovicha, 2B,

Grodno, Belarus, 230024

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Valukoja 8/1, 11415

Tallinn, Estonia

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BY +375 15 260 7687

DE +49 71 121 8431 82

US +1 617 933 1740

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29.08.2019 / 17:13

PM and BA collaboration during project development: best practices

What makes collaboration between PM and BA strong and where will it be especially useful?

02.05.2019 / 15:44

Key sets of BA: analysis and communication techniques

Business Analyst’s knowledge can keep afloat even entangled problematic project. What skills make BA a software project’s superhero?

28.03.2019 / 19:14

When do you need to involve BA in your software project?

During software development process a number of complex situations may occur. When do you need a help of BA in your software project?

15.03.2019 / 17:02

Key Stakeholders in Agile Product Development

The key to effective work in Agile is an interaction between all people who affect or are affected by the project. Who are the main Stakeholders?

22.12.2018 / 16:15

Main traps while managing business analysis in software project

The cost of possible mistakes in software development project is often very tangible. Which of these mistakes can be committed by BA?

23.11.2018 / 18:42

Who is a business analyst and what does he do in a software project?

Business analyst takes part not only at the initial stage of the project, but from the start of the project till the final demo (which, by the way, he conducts).