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Vita Prakapovich

Chief Business Development Officer


BY +375 15 260 7687

DE +49 71 121 8431 82

US +1 617 933 1740


Dzerzhinskogo, 110,

Grodno, Belarus, 230005

See on map 53.713521 23.839222
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26.03.2019 / 18:59

Matchmaking via Artificial Intelligence: areas to implement recommendations' mechanism

Matchmaking functionality relies on Deep Learning algorithms. Which areas is AI optimal matchmaking useful for?


12.03.2019 / 18:12

Features bringing video conferencing, online meetings and broadcasts to a brand new level

Globalization makes video conferencing a staple in the modern business world. What features may improve your online meetings experience?


05.03.2019 / 19:41

What improvements does your Atlassian need?

What features can be implemented in your Atlassian to simplify corporate projects’ management?


20.02.2019 / 17:48

Common reasons for slow media streaming and how to fix it

What are the common causes for slow media streaming and what functionality should be implemented to fix it?


07.02.2019 / 17:39

Flexible and customizable: Atlassian products for the development process management

Atlassian products made a breakthrough by integrating all the necessary collaborating tools. How to structure development team's work with Atlassian products?


01.02.2019 / 14:46

What Machine Learning features can be implemented in your software?

Machine Learning is making a great change in business today. What ML features can already be implemented in your software?


24.01.2019 / 18:49

Where media streaming software is used and how can we improve it?

Media streaming became one of the greatest business opportunities over the last few years. Where media streaming software is used?


18.01.2019 / 13:18

What can Machine Learning bring for both SMBs and Enterprise?

31% of enterprises are expected to use AI in 2019 while 15% have already done it. ML is considered to be an essential business tool in the next few years.


04.12.2018 / 19:33

How can broadcasting apps help you streaming to social?

Live video and audio streaming allows exploring the world through someone else's eyes and ears. What ways broadcasting trend can help you streaming to social?


23.10.2018 / 12:32

Debut of Live Video Streaming and Broadcasting Apps

Get to know how beneficial your business can become with the implementation of live video streaming and broadcasting.

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