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Anna Gerish

Chief Business Development Officer


Popovicha, 2B,

Grodno, Belarus, 230024

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Valukoja 8/1, 11415

Tallinn, Estonia

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BY +375 15 260 7687

DE +49 71 121 8431 82

US +1 617 933 1740

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25.04.2019 / 16:59

Trends transforming IT outsourcing: what changes should we expect?

Around 63% of global CTOs outsource or offshore IT services. How outsourcing will develop in the nearest future and what may affect it?

19.03.2019 / 17:48

M-Commerce and E-Commerce trends improving customer experience in 2019

Trendy features bring customer experience in M-Commerce and E-Commerce to a new level. What trends should your business follow to be on the rise?

26.02.2019 / 19:08

Exposit is among the Clutch Top App Development Companies!

We have completed over 150 projects. According to our clients' reviews on Clutch, we average 4.6-stars out of 5-stars rating.

15.02.2019 / 17:53

Which programming language to choose for software product development?

There is a flood of programming languages to use in software development. Which one can make your product outstanding?

14.02.2019 / 18:30

Summing up 2018

Every year we summarize the previous year’s results to see what we have achieved and understand what we aim for. What has 2018 brought for Exposit?

11.10.2018 / 18:04


Top and the most profitable frameworks and programming languages used for software development in 2018 year opposed to outdated.

30.08.2018 / 17:25

Trends booming today's IT industry

Data Security, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Cybersecurity and other trends at the top of IT minds.